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The Current State of Drupal [Infographic]

Started as a message board in 2001, Drupal has since evolved into a leading open source content management system (CMS). Around the world, many major web properties and organizations (most notably The White House and NBC) trust the Drupal platform to deliver web design and online content to visitors. The growing popularity of the Platform is primarily due […]

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Website Creation Workflow is Broken—But There’s a Fix For That

Are you surprised when in the world of 4K displays and a myriad of design tools you continue to come across gazillions of outdated and tired-looking websites? Sometimes even owned by world-famous brands? Huge companies might have huge financial resources, but time is what very few of their teams have. Time is indeed our most valuable commodity, and yet with […]

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Bolstering the Security of Your WordPress Website

So you have launched a wordpress based website and you are feeling good about it. But are you aware of the fact that as much as 73% of the websites powered by wordpress are considered as vulnerable by experts? Now, there is no need to feel disillusioned with wordpress because wordpress does come loaded with […]

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  • October 13, 2016
  • CMS