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Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

There are billions of people on Earth, and more and more people are using mobile phones. A mobile phone gives you access to the world.  If you have a small business, target their phones. That’s where they get all their information about products and services. For that, your Website needs to be mobile-friendly. That’s where […]

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How to Design a Mobile App for an m-Commerce Business

Not so long back, entrepreneurs doubted if they needed a mobile-responsive site. When desktop-based online stores were already performing quite well, wouldn’t spending on mobile optimization be a redundant investment? Gradually, stats coming from reported sources blew their minds, and consequently, their perceptions changed. Mobile-responsiveness became a necessity than a choice. In 2017, eCommerce stores […]

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Capacitive Touch Sensing Keypad Design

Capacitive touch sensing means that the detection of fingers or your stylus on a screen relies on capacitive adjustment, mostly through touch. Capacitive touch sensing uses spread across many electronics, unlike before when it was an exclusive technology. Tablets, smartphones, Kindles and any screen that operates by touch probably uses capacitive touch sensing. In the […]

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