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Light UI vs Dark UI – What Side Should You Embrace?

Life is an endless circle of decisions. Every day you have to consider your options and challenges, and find solutions. And at the end of the day, each solution is a decision you make based on knowledge and preferences. This article will discuss one of the choices UI designers have to make when they create […]

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Create an iOS app for your product without coding

A few years ago, building an app for your product would’ve meant relentless research to find the right software development company, hefty down payments, months spent in specification and wireframes, and another lifetime till you finally got the ready app in your hand. This process would be so overwhelming for businesses that in a majority […]

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Top Applications of Litho Printing

The history of printing dates back to 1800 years ago. Ever since the printing started, people witnessed lots of evolution in the industry. In 1991, digital printing emerged. It became one of the cost-effective and exclusive printing techniques. But when it comes to the finest quality prints with a fast turnaround, nothing beats the quality […]

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10 Genius Interior Design Apps

The development of technology greatly simplifies the life of a person both in everyday affairs and in professional activities. Nowadays, architects have stopped using paper, pencils and a ruler to create a plan. This process has become much easier, more fun and more productive. All this became possible thanks to special design apps and programs. […]

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3 Most Successful Minimum Viable Products

Looking through the list of tech giants, we rarely wonder how they all started. Still, most of them entered the market as small-scale applications that were not much like what we see today.  Minimal Viable Product, also known as MVP, is a development strategy that establishes apps’ functionality enough to give a trial group of […]

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Principles of UX Design for Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

The world has changed a lot due to advancements and shifts in technology. Augmented Reality (AR) is one such innovation that is offering consumers new ways of experiencing the world. AR works by superimposing interactive virtual images on to people’s view of the real world. There are many innovative applications of AR in action already, […]

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How to Design a Mobile App for an m-Commerce Business

Not so long back, entrepreneurs doubted if they needed a mobile-responsive site. When desktop-based online stores were already performing quite well, wouldn’t spending on mobile optimization be a redundant investment? Gradually, stats coming from reported sources blew their minds, and consequently, their perceptions changed. Mobile-responsiveness became a necessity than a choice. In 2017, eCommerce stores […]

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