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How Brands Use Pinterest to Get Customers

  Are you looking for some artistic ways to build a stronger connection with your customers? Do you know how well social media channels can help brands to make a prominent presence and create long-term customer engagement? So, are your pinning? Does your brand exist on Pinterest, if not, get it. For these days, it […]

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How Computer Animation Can Be Used in Advertising

Many businesses employ a multimedia approach in their advertising. A well-planned marketing strategy may combine elements of print advertising, television, video, and social media marketing. Computer animation can not only be extremely versatile, but it provides unique communication capabilities that make it a useful tool for businesses. Custom animation can be created for very little […]

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Creative Cat Meme Advertisements

The Internet has spawned an epidemic of humorous videos starring cats, dubbed “cat memes,” doing decidedly un-feline activities. The originator of the trend, LOLCats, has become one of the more profitable Internet sensations. Advertisers have since found a marketing opportunity in these viral videos. While viewers usually ignore paid television advertisements in favor of a […]

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