How to Start Promoting Your Own Blog

Promoting your blog is sometimes more difficult than creating it at all. But it is still wholly possible without paid advertisement or being a celebrity from the very beginning. There are tips and strategies for any other website promotion. Here we picked some ideas for you to choose: don’t try all of them at once; just make a short checklist from those that appeal to you the most, and let’s go!

Before you start

It’s always a good idea to check if your site is ready for the promotion. There are several ways to do it. The first one is technically optimizing your blog (that’s what is called technical SEO optimization). Make sure that all keywords, hashtags, and headings are in their places and mean exactly what you want them to. Also, check all your texts for uniqueness: it is important as it allows search engines to show your site somewhere at the top of search results. Place keywords wisely, one or two per paragraph, don’t overload your text with them.

Another technical part is to check the reliability of your hosting provider and site architecture. Your website should work smooth and fast; otherwise, the visitors will leave it and search for something more comfortable. Luckily, the most popular blog platforms are already optimized for that, so you shouldn’t have any major issues – but it never hurts to check once more. Try to visit your site from a smartphone or tablet: does it still look fine, or do you need to make a separate mobile version? Make sure your external links open in a new window, so that your site won’t be closed when opening a link. Check the pages for broken links.

Also, check your security settings. Place your copyright at the bottom of your site. Watermark your photos. Technically protect your admin page with a strong password and security plugins. Don’t install or upload anything from unknown sources and check the site files for viruses.

Make a content plan

To make people wait for your new posts, you should create them regularly. Plan at least one post a week (or two in a month if they need serious research). You don’t have to publish only the materials that you created. Write your opinion about something related to the theme of your blog, make a review or announcement, but blog regularly, to make people get used to your pace. If you have issues with that, you may use planning plugins or built-in options of your site engine. Write several posts at once, when you have the inspiration, and then just publish them weekly while you are preparing the next set of posts.

Study your target audience and the latest Google trends. Maybe, there is some news worth mentioning that people are now searching for? Or can your blog relate to some major world events? Such blog posts will greatly increase your site popularity because people googling these events will eventually land on your site. Choose the right service to promote your site, review them on Likesfinder.

Try to use the style the members of your audience likes the most. Do they love longreads? Visual posts? Short but emotional ones? Make research to understand who you are writing for, read the feedback under your competitors’ posts, and create something way better.

Promote it!

Sharing your blog via social media is a great way to increase the number of visitors. Add the “Share” and “Subscribe” buttons under your blog posts, use your social media as the “mirrors” for your site, and repost your newest posts and articles. That will gather a huge social media networks traffic and redirect it to your site. Of course, the management of several social media pages might be a tricky task, but there are lots of reposting apps that allow you to share your blog articles in all your social media almost automatically, tailoring the content for each network (e.g., posting a header photo on Instagram, making a Twitter post from the first paragraph, etc.).

If you aren’t ready for a paid promotion campaign, you may try making guest posts. Write an article for another website, get it published, and then you will be allowed to insert the link to your site into the text, promoting your site at another platform. You may also make professional comments at other sites, showing that you mean business and modestly adding your site link to your signature, befriend other people or brands from the blogosphere and work in collaboration, and so on. Promotion is always either about money or about talks, relations, and connections with other people.

You may also try to make some celebrities interested in your blog and say a few words about it. Or you may start a competition between your subscribers. Be it the best photo, the best story, whatever – a small prize may give you ten times its worth of promotion.

That’s it! Try these steps, monitor the results, adjust them to your audience, rinse and repeat – and your blog will grow rapidly! Remember that the first thousand of subscribers is the hardest one to achieve. Later it will be a piece of cake for you!

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