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Improving The Conversion Rate of The Website with 5 Tricks

If your website isn’t converting, the traffic and the potential opportunities are of no use. To know what wouldn’t have worked with your website let’s understand what your website should have to convert! Well-designed website can translate your visitors’ numbers into bottom-line revenue for your business. There are some well-defined and time tested factors and […]

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What Is Wrong With Most Freelancing Sites?

The gig economy is the next big thing and there is no doubt about that. Freelance bidding sites like Upwork, Freelancer, PeopleperHour and their likes have allowed thousands of people all around the world to work from the comfort of their home. So, there is no wonder why they are gaining so much popularity these […]

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Maximise the Readability of Your Blog

Is your blog design helping or hindering the readability of your posts? Text Concentration If you regularly publish posts containing large blocks of text, you’re making life difficult for readers. The more text you cram into a small space, the more likely it is that readers will lose their place.

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Tips To Design A Great Book Cover

There are many people who judge a book by their cover and when the cover is like that of a postage stamp in terms of size as it is in the case of search results for eBooks, it is of utmost importance that there is a clear message for leveraging maximum impact. It is indeed […]

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Five Mistakes a Web Designer Should Never Commit

Either you are a beginner or already a professional, the pieces of information that I am going to share in this article will definitely help you a lot. Why? Well, you will see in the lines that are to come a few mistakes that web designers should never do, in case they want their careers […]

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Bolstering the Security of Your WordPress Website

So you have launched a wordpress based website and you are feeling good about it. But are you aware of the fact that as much as 73% of the websites powered by wordpress are considered as vulnerable by experts? Now, there is no need to feel disillusioned with wordpress because wordpress does come loaded with […]

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  • October 13, 2016
  • CMS

Promote Visitor Interactivity With Web Design Elements

Getting people to your site is great. Getting them to come back again and again to look at what you have to offer and make purchases is even better. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having interactive elements on your website that helps viewers connect with your company and your website. […]

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How to Stay Alive As Freelance Designer

The thing is, if you’re one of the millions of people attempting to make a living in the freelance world these days, you’ll likely have noticed that competition is more fierce than ever. There are literally millions of freelance designers around the world and with the advent of freelancing websites such as ODesk, and […]

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5 Tips for more efficient Software Development

Being successful in the software industry is no easy job whether you are developing software alone or in groups. If you are doing it with a team then the first thing that needs to be made sure is that it is very productive. What it will do is allow you to stay focused on your […]

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