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Improve Your UX with These Easy Tips

UX, or user experience, is moving to the forefront of considerations for modern web designers. A great user experience can make or break your company’s app or website. In fact, it can mean the difference between a visitor and a customer. In today’s digital world, businesses must ensure their apps and websites are easy to […]

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Designing Web UI in the Modern Digital World

As web design reaches new technological heights and user attention hits all-time lows, website designers are tasked with striking a tricky balance. Designers must captivate their target audiences without overwhelming them. Advances in technology enable web designers to execute never-before-seen interface ideas, but the core of a website must remain a seamless, intuitive experience. Today’s […]

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Defining UX: An Evolution From UI

User interfaces (UIs) have been around as long as people have been using computer technology. Without an interface, users can’t interact well with software. UI design elements include buttons, screens, displays, icons, and all other features with which a user interacts. Deciding upon the details of these elements—their timing, controls, fonts, colors, positions, etc.—is what […]

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Keep These UX Trends in Mind When Designing in 2016

User experience (UX) design has evolved significantly over the last several years. In the past, UX and web design could almost be used interchangeably. Modern UX, however, goes beyond on-screen design and into a world of device interfaces, functional pursuits, and brand differentiation. In 2015, UX design cemented its place as an essential component of […]

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