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Guest Post For Small Businesses And Build Your Online Persona

In this day and age any small business owner should be aware that the greater their online presence, the more likely they are to attract business. On the most basic level this should involve having a commercial website, through which customers can transact. However, there are many things business owners can do beyond this to […]

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Powerful Photographs of Collapse and Urban Decay

Finding beauty in the most desolate and damaged environments has the ability to provoke profound reactions in the eye of the beholder. From buildings falling into disrepair to war-torn landscapes, it is the art of the photographer to capture the beauty and potency in collapse and urban decay. Here we take a brief look at […]

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How To Stay Motivated As A Graphic Designer

Whether you work from home, as a freelancer or as part of a creative team your success as a Graphic Designer hinges upon one thing; your creativity. And in order to keep the ideas fresh, fast and coming you need to take care of your motivation levels. When you’re feeling the pressure it can be […]

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