Complete Guide for Dilemma of Moving Applications to the Cloud

The big decisions are often complicated and rely on a variety of factors. When a business makes a decision to implement a new initiative or to migrate to a new technology, it often weighs the positives and negatives, scrutinizes each aspect, and decide what is better. This same strategy is followed by companies that decide to become a cloud-friendly business. Believe it or not, moving to cloud is a big decision and holding on to it throughout the migration and implementation phase is even bigger.

The advantages of moving to a cloud are now not unknown and businesses are becoming more aware of the pros of cloud. At the same time, there are many case studies that throw light on how a problem or a tedious task has been resolved or simplified using cloud technology. These kind of case studies have a positive influence on the companies that are willing to move to cloud. But, moving to cloud is just the first step and more complex decisions are yet to be made. One of these complex decisions is to move your mission-critical applications to the cloud.


Security is the biggest concern when it comes to moving critical applications like the enterprise resource planning (ERP) or similar other systems to the cloud. Each organization might have different other concerns and it is important to think about these before you choose your cloud subscription. If you have hired a consultant then, discuss the concerns before opting for a service provider like Amazon cloud services.

Some commonly faced concerns while migrating mission-critical apps to cloud are:

  • The first major concern is security. Majority of the businesses who raised the security concern use public or shared cloud services and therefore, their concerns are valid. This is less of an issue if you are using private cloud services.

  • The other important concern is financial limitations because of underestimation of effort involved. Mission-critical applications involve sensitive data and companies might need to deploy security to ensure that such data is secure all the time. This cost is often ignored while deciding the budget.

  • The mission-critical applications might require extensive manpower effort to implement a large-scale migration of sensitive data. Many a times, a company is not equipped enough to have dedicated resources for such initiative and if it uses these resources then, the regular work would suffer.

  • Sometimes organization plan for everything but lack clarity on how the process will function while migration is in process. If there are no major changes in the functioning then, the organization needs to make sure that all the data generated during migration also needs to be up-to-date.


The resolution often lies within the problem itself. It is not difficult to find a solution once you have identified the problem. While we discussed the major concerns above, let’s see some possible solutions for these problems.

  • The security concern will always remain. Even if you have an infrastructure in place, the threat remains if not from external entities then from internal sources. It is important to remember that no measure is fail-proof. You can deploy additional security or opt for a private cloud service to be extra careful.

  • Financial limitations are unprecedented. If some aspect was missing from your plan, it is but obvious that it will come under additional expense. A good preventive measure is to employ a consultant who has expertise in your chosen service provider. So, if you have chosen Amazon cloud services, then an AWS consultant can plan better with experience. This will also take care of the manpower crunch issue.

  • Service providers are equipped with contingency plans and ideas to take care of the glitches that you might face when you are migrating. Therefore, the concern regarding how a process would work while migration is happening would not be much of an issue if you have a good service provider. It will have a make-shift arrangement to take care that your work does not get affected.

Successfully migrating a mission-critical app to the cloud is a milestone and once you have achieved this milestone, majority of your work is taken care of. But, another point of consideration here is that more often than not it is a challenge to keep a mission-critical app running flawlessly on the new medium. This also requires expertise and planning which you will either gain by encountering issues and resolving them or by impeccable planning.

Whatever you choose, the fact remains that business processes need continuous improvement and in such cases employing a solution that will be compatible with future choices and progression is important. With some experienced enterprises offering Microsoft, VMware, or Amazon cloud services, this task has become easier than ever. Move your mission-critical apps to cloud effortlessly by partnering with such enterprises.

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