A Collection Of Excellent Apps/Services For The Busy Online Professional

Finding the time to get things done daily could be a real brain-buster sometimes. The apps/services below will help you get more done and hopefully save your brain for better things. You’ll find everything from helping you organize your tasks to finding quality content online and more. Check out some of the apps/services below to see if they can’t help you use your time more wisely.

5 Minutes – The website for busy creative professionals online and off.

If you’re a creative type the last thing you need or want to do is waste your time online trying to build a website, create an online presence or ‘tweak’ your portfolio. 5 Minutes knows that you’d rather be doing what you do best – create – and they have put together a website to help you do just that and do it fast and easy. Whether you’re online or off they have the tools you need to get noticed without wasting time trying to do it.

Best Feature – Intuitive, fast and easy to use.




Ducksboard – Monitor and track your data and metrics without the hassle.

Running multiple online businesses is the best way to make a living online but, at the end of the day, can leave you feeling stressed out and confused from trying to keep up with all that data. Ducksboard condenses all those statistics into an easy to use and easy to configure app that will put all that data right in front of you and ready to use. If you don’t have multiple websites you can skip this one but if you do check it out, it will probably help you a lot.

Best Feature – Track your data using custom widgets that Ducksboard lets you make.


Mighty Deals – When you need web tools that you can really use.

One of the ‘deal’ sites that really sticks out from the crowd (and there is a crowd) is Mighty Deals. Why? Because they have web tools that are actually valuable, helpful and usable, unlike most of the dreck you find on other deal sites. That’s a real time-saver and anything that helps me save time is good by me. If you need tools to build websites, find customers or sell product, they have them and at great prices.

Best Feature – They have a ‘deal of the day’ and a ‘freebies’ page that change every day.


Remember the Milk – The easy, fun task manager.

To-do lists are great, no doubt, but sometimes they can be a pain to keep track of, change or even remember. Remember the Milk is an excellent app that puts your to-do list on your mobile phone, making keeping track of tasks, adding to your list and getting things done a bit simpler. I found it a bit underwhelming in real use but that’s just me. It has great feedback so there must be a lot of folks who like it.

Best Feature – Follow and use the app across multiple devices.


Evernote – See it, save it and read it later.

A simple app with powerful attributes, Evernote will save anything and everything that you see, hear and connect to on the web to an easy to access cloud site for stress-free retrieval later, when you have more time to relax and read or watch it thoroughly. It works on almost all devices and is accessible even when you’re off line.

Best Feature – It takes the hassle out of finding that great stuff you read or saw online.


SocialMention – Keep track of what’s being said about you or your biz on the net.

If you’re not aware of how powerful social media is today then you probably don’t work online. If you do, and you want to keep track of what’s being said on the social sites, message boards and review sites, Social Mention is the app you need. Let’s face it, good news never gets passed around but bad news (or reviews) travels fast. Stop that bad news before it starts with this app.

Best Feature – The app monitors 100+ social media sites and reports their content back to you.

Freepik – Need free pics and vectors? Use this site. You’re welcome.

I build a lot of websites and blogs and I love to use pictures in them. I mean let’s face it people are mostly visual so having pics is a must. If you do the same but you’re sick of looking for hours and paying through the nose for great pics and vectors you need Freepik. They have thousands of freebies and their library is growing every day. They also accept submissions.

Best Feature – Say it with me. Free. Gratis. No charge.


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  • Thank you. I am very excited to see how 5 minutes will work. Excellent idea.